Frequently asked questions concerning website-related tasks.

Becoming a Web Editor

People interested in becoming editors of the GSD website ( must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They are a current GSD faculty member, staff member, or student worker.
  • They have a valid Harvard Key account.
  • Their department or office has a clear need for a new web editor.

To request the addition of a new web editor, contact the GSD’s Digital Project Manager with confirmation of eligibility and to schedule a CMS training session. This training must be completed before editorial access is granted.

Subsite Web Editors

If a subsite owner wants to add a new editor to their site, they may have the ability to do this through the CMS. If this is not possible, the subsite owner will need to send an email to GSD web staff to request new user access to the subsite. Harvard Key is required. If a user does not have an active role within the GSD, the site owner will need to complete a person of interest form to get the user a Harvard Key account. Sharing accounts is strictly forbidden and may result in the account in question being deactivated.

Reporting a Content Error

Content on this website ( is managed by a distributed team of content editors who are overseen by the Communications Department. If you find an error in the content on this site, please contact the Digital Project Manager.

Reporting a Technical Error

All “Errors” or “Bugs” should be reported via the Error Report Form. Errors reported via this form are automatically logged in a ticketing system and reviewed by the core web team. These will be classified and prioritized as follows:

  • Emergency errors will be addressed immediately.
  • Urgent errors will be scoped and prioritized upon receipt.
  • Non-urgent errors will be scoped and prioritized along with other change requests during the weekly meetings of the core web team.

Child Site/Subsites that are built on a GSD-managed platform can also use this form to report errors with their site. Content editors with in-depth knowledge of the site, its functionality, and the content will need to be available to coordinate with the web staff team.

Requesting a Site Enhancement

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Requesting an URL Redirection

Requests for a redirect or a URL Redirection is evaluated on a case by case basis, and completed by using a variety of technical solutions.

Common examples of redirects:

  • Page on has been renamed and the edit has been saved. (The content editor should be prompted for the automatic creation of a redirect when the page is updated/published.  If that doesn’t happen, please contact the technology team that monitors the web staff email).
  • File or page needs a human-friendly URL for sharing.
  • Logical alternative URL for GSD section.
    Example: the URL redirects site visitors to the URL

If you would like to request a redirect, please fill in the Redirect Request Form. You will need to include the following information:

  • Source URL
  • Destination URL
  • Purpose for request

A member of the team will get back to you within 2 business days.

Requesting a Domain Name

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Requesting a “Subsite”

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Requiring Login to View Content

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Manage Access to Specific Content Pages

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