There are several opportunities to work as a student. Explore some options below and read more details about student employment in the resource center.

Teaching & Research Opportunities

Teach in the Design Discovery, Black in Design, or Harvard Undergraduate Architecture Studies programs
We have a range of opportunities to gain design teaching experience with the mentorship of our current GSD Faculty and Staff in our GSD Early Design Education (EDE) programs.  These programs include two formats of our summer program, Design Discovery, where student instructors would lead a design studio of their own;  mentorship and design instruction options available in our Black in Design Mentorship program offered each spring; as well as TA and RA positions available within our Harvard Undergraduate Architecture Studies program.   EDE Teaching positions are presented each fall to all current GSD students and hiring processes for each program cycle is begun at the end of the fall semester. Please see more about Early Design Education at this website:  Contact Megan Panzano, Senior Director of Early Design Education with more questions about these teaching opportunities.

Work as a teaching assistant to faculty
A TA assists faculty with the general duties of preparing for class and provides logistical support or coordination as needed for coursework, course/AV setup, room scheduling, transportation, etc.
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Work as a research assistant to faculty
An RA conducts research on a specific research account.
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Participate in the Summer Community Service Fellowship Program
The Harvard Graduate School of Design’s (GSD) Community Service Fellowship Program (CSFP) is a competitive 10-week summer experience designed to expose students to new challenges and work environments within non-profit organizations, public service sectors, and government agencies while providing them with an opportunity to explore the intersection of academic theory and field experience. CSFP helps students to understand and address existing challenges faced by communities both locally and nationally. The program provides funding for approximately 20 students each summer.
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Serve as a teaching fellow in lecture courses (Doctoral Students Only)
TFs assist faculty in preparing course materials and in offering instruction. They’re responsible for preparing assigned readings, leading weekly section discussions, and grading assignments. They are paid a preset salary on a monthly payroll.
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Teach the English for Design Course (Doctoral Students Only)
Each year, a small group of international students admitted to the GSD will be required to take a course focused on improving their comfort with the English language with an emphasis on design discourse at the GSD. Opportunities exist for doctoral-level students to assist in running the discussion sessions of this custom program.
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The majority of on-campus opportunities at the GSD are advertised shortly before they become available. Roles for the fall will generally be advertised in August and September. When a faculty member has a position to promote, the Office of Career Services will send the job description out to all students via the GSD student-announce email list. Students will be able to view the opportunity, then apply for the role.

The GSD job and internship database CREATE will be accessible to incoming students beginning in mid-August. The Office of Career Services manages CREATE and will notify incoming students when logins become “live.” Additionally, Harvard-wide roles can be viewed at the Student Employment Office at