A Research Fellow may assist faculty in the conduct of research but may not be responsible for the structure or content of investigations.

Research Fellow Responsibilities

Research Fellows may: 

  • Conduct experiments 
  • Record data 
  • Perform quantitative analyses 
  • Document evidence 
  • Conduct literature searches 
  • Prepare drawings, etc.  
  • Participate, on occasion, with faculty in the conduct of instruction as described above

Research Fellows may not:

  • Act as principal investigators
  • Assist faculty in any professional or personal work not directly related to instruction or research in the GSD

Research Fellow Compensation 

A  Research Fellow will be paid a flat rate each month and will be working a fixed number of hours per week. Research Fellows are paid a salary on the  monthly payroll. 

Hiring for Students 

Limited opportunities exist for Research Fellow positions. If you are looking for a research fellow opportunity, contact an instructor to make a direct inquiry about the possibility of serving as a research fellow. 

Hiring for Faculty 

Go to Hiring Students: Information for Facultypage.