Many opportunities for student employment exist outside the categories of Teaching and Research. These positions are not included in the bargaining unit of the Harvard Graduate Student Union. 

GSD administrative offices may hire student workers for positions such as the following (not a definitive list): 

  • Design Assistant: 
    • Graphic Designer 
    • Photographer/Videographer 
    • Exhibitions Installer 
  • Program Assistant: 
    • Office Assistant 
    • Database Assistant 
    • Digital Media 
    • WordPress Editor 
    • Event Assistant 
    • Publicity 
    • Facilities Planning & Management intern 
    • Mail Center 
    • Receptionist 
    • Library Assistant 
    • Editorial Assistant 
    • Recruitment and Outreach 
    • Student Tour Guide 
  • Technical Assistant/Technical Instructor: 
    • 3D Scanning TA 
    • CNC TA 
    • Help Desk TA 
    • Metal Shop TA 
    • Woodshop TA 
    • Zund TA 
    • Writing Tutor 
    • Digital Media Workshop Leader 
    • Digital Media Workshop TA 
    • English for Design Instructor 
    • Mapping TA 
    • Peer Tutor 

Technical and Administrative Positions Responsibilities and Compensation

Responsibilities and compensation for technical and administrative positions vary. Check with the appropriate  GSD Payroll Coordinator for more information. 


Hiring for Students 

GSD job opportunities are most often posted on CREATE

Students employed at the GSD should familiarize themselves with the GSD Student Payroll procedures.  

Students can work a maximum number of 20 hours/week in total, inclusive of all jobs combined at the University when classes are in session, and 40 hours/week in total during breaks. Students should not be incurring overtime pay. 

Hiring for Faculty

Go to Hiring Students: Information for Facultypage.