The Plimpton-Poorvu Design Prize was established with a gift by long-term friends, business partners, and GSD advocates Samuel Plimpton MBA ’77, MArch ’80 and William J. Poorvu MBA ’58. The award of approximately $20,000 recognizes the top team or individual for a commercially viable real estate project completed as part of the GSD curricula that best demonstrates feasibility in design, construction, economics, and in fulfillment of market and user needs.

The Plimpton-Poorvu Design Prize is open to all masters-level students enrolled at the GSD regardless of their seniority or degree program and aims to encourage collaborative, cross disciplinary work. A review committee comprised of faculty members from each department will select a shortlist of candidates who will participate in a review and be asked to submit a revised application in March. The faculty committee, Chairs, and Dean will review the revised submissions and select the winner(s) in May.

2017 Application Instructions

To apply, please submit a PDF document that includes the information requested below to Caroline Newton by 12:00PM EST on Friday, January 27, 2017. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Applications must include the following three components in one PDF document with the filename “Applicant_Name_PlimptonPoorvuPrize2017”:

    1. Coversheet listing the following information:
      2017 Plimpton-Poorvu Design Prize Application
      Applicant Name
      Degree Program
      Graduation Date
      GSD Email Address and Permanent Email Address
      Course number and title in which the work was submitted
    2. Written Statement that includes a description of the project demonstrating the project’s feasibility in design, construction, economics, and in fulfillment of market and user needs. (1 page, approximately 300 words) If any aspect of collaborative work is submitted by an individual, the authorship of such work should be clearly identified and distinguished from that of the applicant. Projects performed as independent studies outside the GSD or as part of a professional commission will not be eligible.
    3. Visual Representation of up to 15 pages to supplement the written description (8.5×11 inch format)  Note: Hardcopy, CDs, slides, loose materials, or physical models will not be accepted.

Questions may be submitted to Caroline Newton, Office of the Dean.