Employers are able to submit their open opportunities to the CREATE job database at any time, as well as participate in Career Fairs and other networking events that take place throughout the year.

How can I use CREATE as an employer?  

Join CREATE to access the GSD Career Center Network. CREATE is a portal for employers seeking to engage and recruit students or alumni. This platform allows employers to connect with our community, build key relationships, and manage the job application process. Post your jobs directly on CREATE and utilize the customization tools to reach candidates that meet your requirements and qualifications.

The GSD job and internship database is visible exclusively to GSD students and alumni. All job and internship postings are subject to approval. 

Start sharing your opportunities now on the CREATE employer portal 

How do I get started?  

  1. Review Career Services Recruiting Policies and Guidelines.   
  2. Make an account on CREATE 
  3. Update/complete the Employer/Contact Information Page.  
  4. Enter Job Information Details.  
  5. Click Submit. Your post will be reviewed by Career Services for approval. 
  6. Post opportunities directly by signing in to your CREATE account and clicking on Jobs > Add New. 

How long will my job post be visible on CREATE? 

Job posts are visible on the job board for a maximum of 30 days. If the opportunity you are posting has specific application deadline, please make sure to select the appropriate expiration date for the post and specify in the “Application Instructions” the last day candidates are able to submit materials for consideration. 

If you would like to extend your post past 30 days, please contact Career Services 

How long will it take for my job to be approved? 

All approved job posts will be visible to students and alumni within 1-3 days of submission.  

What should I include in my Employer Profile?  

Students are able to browse through employer profiles using detailed search filters. Personalize your talent-facing profile by selecting your type of organization and adding an overview of your company, as well as your company logo, website link, and office locations.  

Looking for more ways to engage with GSD talent?  

Sign up on CREATE to be alerted of upcoming Career Fairs and other Career Services events. Make sure your contact email is up-to-date to receive invitations and other event-related information.

Tips for Entering Jobs:


  • When entering a job on CREATE, make sure to select yourself as the “Contact” for the post. You will be notified via email when your post is about to expire.


  • Use the formatting tools to organize your post.
  • Add an overview of your firm and hyperlink your website.
  • Add a bulleted list of duties/responsibilities.
  • If your position is remote, please indicate here.


  • To import bullet points, copy a bulleted list of the qualifications from a Word Document and paste into this field.
  • Consider creating separate sections for required education, experience, and skills/abilities.


  • Type in the location of the job position in the search field. If the position has multiple potential hiring locations, please enter all that apply.
  • If the position is remote, please indicate this in the “Description” field. For the “Location,” select the city/state/country in which the firm is located.

Posting Date/Expiration Date

  • Your post will automatically be set to expire 30 days after it is submitted unless you select a sooner expiration date.

Resume Receipt

  • Please select “Other,” then add the appropriate contact’s email address, original job post URL, or another application method.
  • Here you can describe the required submission materials and who to address the application to.