Meet the Career Services Team. We are a mission-driven and passionate team committed to providing effective and ample career and professional development resources to the GSD community.

Our mission

Harvard University and the Graduate School of Design (GSD) aspire to provide education and scholarship of the highest quality—to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to prepare the GSD community for life, work, and leadership. With this goal in mind, GSD Career Services strives to broaden the mindset of what a career in design can be, as well as guide students and alumni in defining who they are and how their unique stories will contribute to impacting and shaping society.

Our values

Harvard and the GSD value and support students and alumni from all cultures, backgrounds, and identities. Career Services is committed to expanding opportunities for everyone by establishing and developing relationships with hiring organizations that share the same core values.

Our work

The Career Services team delivers resources, programs, and networks to help the GSD community adapt to the constantly evolving world of work and lead in roles that are yet to be realized.

In conjunction with our team, our faculty members, known as Academic Career Liaisons, help with programs ideation, building employer relations, and providing students with discipline specific guidance and clarity on career goals.

Read more below about our individual roles and how we can assist you with your career goals.

Career Services Team

Academic Career Liaisons

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