For Students

How can I best take advantage of GSD Career Services?

There are three things that you can do as a student to start planning your post-GSD career:

  1. Don’t wait until a month before you graduate to visit Career Services. The time to get started is your first semester at the GSD.
  2. Plan to spend three hours a week devoted to your career development. Attend a career program or an alumni network event. Visit with a career counselor to update your resume. Utilize Harvard alumni contacts. Make time, ahead of time, to do career research.
  3. Read your email. You’ll be amazed at both the caliber and number of fantastic opportunities that are delivered directly to your mailbox.

How do I get a job on campus?

  1. Check if you have a Federal Work-Study award (and note how much it is) — you will want to mention this to potential on-campus employers.
  2. Directly contact GSD departments. Many departments and professors choose to speak with students on their own. You may want to contact faculty directly to express your interest.
  3. Contact the Harvard Student Employment Office to explore on-campus jobs throughout Harvard University.

For Employers

How can I best take advantage of GSD Career Services?

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to contact Career Services about your recruiting needs. Contact Anne Creamer or 617-495-4296 to discuss how to advertise and post your internship or job opportunities for GSD students.
  2. Utilize CREATE.  Set up your employer account and start posting jobs today!