Many students at the GSD are interested in learning about the career paths that fall outside of traditional practice. Roles in in UI/UX Design, Brand Strategy, Product Design, VR/AR and Interior Design are just the tip of the iceberg for exploration. Learn about these roles and more in the Beyond Practice guide within the Resources section of CREATE.

Seek out career information well before graduation:

  • Take advantage of Career Services offerings including but not limited to advising, events, and CREATE.
  • Utilize your time here to cultivate relationships within the GSD community: alumni, fellow students, faculty, visiting speakers, networking events, and GSD Alumni Council events.
  • Seek out ways to supplement your academic studies with experience: involvement with student clubs (across Harvard), summer internships, or the Community Service Fellowship.
  • Join our vast network of current students and alumni via mentorshipGSD LinkedIn Group, or other avenues available to the Harvard Community.

Organizations both big and small worldwide are interested in GSD students and alumni. GSD training in any discipline brings a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills outside of traditional practice to many industries including but not limited to consulting, digital media, government, non-profits, and beyond. Beyond practice roles can also be found within traditional employers. Be open in your research and exploration.