The Fulbright U.S. Student Program funds U.S. citizens to conduct research, study, or teach English abroad. If you are interested, please begin by reviewing the “Getting Started” page on the Fulbright website. Please note that applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Plan Ahead: Applications must be submitted almost a year before the project is scheduled to take place.  (For example, the 2024-2025 cycle deadline is October 2023).

General Timeline of Deadlines:

  • Late August (subject to change): Internal GSD deadline for submitting your Statement of Grant Purpose and supporting documents.
  • September:  Interview (feedback session) with GSD faculty members to provide feedback prior to the national deadline and help with revisions.
  • October: Fulbright competition deadline for the following academic year’s awards.

Application includes:

  • *Biographical Data *Statement of Grant Purpose (project) *Affiliation Letter *Personal Statement *Foreign Language Evaluation *Letters of Recommendation *Transcripts *Supplementary Materials (portfolio).

Developing a strong, feasible, and compelling project is the most important aspect of a successful application.

See the website for more information about application components


Contact Kristin Snyder, GSD Fulbright Program Adviser, at [email protected] or make an appointment with Kristin via CREATE (choose “Fulbright” as type of appointment).  

Assistance with writing the application is also available by emailing [email protected].