Students will match with an alumni mentor(s) based on shared academic interests, career goals, life challenges, and experiences.

What do alumni mentors and mentees discuss?

  • Campus involvement aligned with career goals
  • Adjusting to graduate academic expectations
  • Developing a plan for academic, social, and career success
  • Balancing the demands of graduate education with personal responsibilities
  • Developing and cultivating professional contacts, within and beyond the GSD

Your alumni mentor can:

  • Help guide you in your current and future endeavors
  • Have similar interests, hobbies, and experiences as you
  • Meet or video chat with you on a regular basis (or as determined by you both)
  • Guide you in discovering career opportunities and paths
  • Encourage you to set goals and check in on progress
  • Help connect you with additional resources at the GSD and beyond if needed (i.e., financial, academic, and personal advisement)

Mentor/Mentee Helpful GSD Resources Guide

Register for Mentor Collective

To access Connect GSD, Mentees and Mentors need to register and complete a profile using Harvard Key Credentials.