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Concrete in the Landscape: 3 Sites|3 Projects

Peter Rose’s exhibit used video, line drawings, renderings, and physical models to show how concrete is placed in the landscape to shape building spaces while also capturing and focusing energies essential to each of three very different sites. Used for its robust material qualities and…

exhibition dates: MAR 13 – APR 22, 2009

Peter Rose, Curator


PATTERNS: Cases in Synthetic Intelligence

Establishing links between otherwise disparate cultural, intellectual, and technological categories has long been the job of the architect. An arbiter of aesthetic connection, who else can create a bond between the Parthenon and a sportscar, bricks and B movies, octogenarians and the color orange? This…

exhibition dates: JAN 26 – MAR 15, 2009


Platform 1 Exhibition

An Archeology of the Present November 03, 2008–January 11, 2009 Moshen Mostafavi, Dean Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design, author Lluis Ortega, curator Utopias afford consolation: although they have no real locality there is nevertheless a fantastic, untroubled region in which they…

exhibition dates: NOV 3, 2008 – JAN 11, 2009



Alison and Peter Smithson's Economist Building at Fifty November 19, 2008–January 11, 2009 Peter Christiansen, curator Mary Daniels, organizer Ines Zaluendo, organizer Drawn entirely from the GSD’s Special Collections, this two part exhibition focuses on the landmark Economist Building by British…

exhibition dates: NOV 19, 2008 – JAN 11, 2009


Afterlife: Alison and Peter Smithson's Economist Building at Fifty

September 1, 2008–December 1, 2008 Peter Christensen, curator This two part exhibition includes original drawings, and other materials including film, publications, typescripts and clippings, illustrating the building's significance in the British cultural imaginary.   Fall 2008 Library Special Collections Department and…

exhibition dates: SEP 1 – DEC 1, 2008


New Trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia and Slovenia

Both Croatia and Slovenia have had a complex cultural, economic, and political history, and now as members of a New Europe are sites of intense, inspiring, and productive architectural and urban debates.  The exhibition focused on innovative practices in architecture and urbanism in Croatia and…

exhibition dates: SEP 8 – OCT 19, 2008

Mariana Ibanez, Curator


Buon Compleanno a Voi

August 14, 2008–September 30, 2008 The year 2008 marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). His extraordinary legacy of both built works and influence of his I QUATTRO LIBRI DELL'ARCHITETTURA is surely a cause for celebration. The exhibition includes, drawn…

exhibition dates: AUG 14 – SEP 30, 2008


The Aga Khan Award for Architecture: Tenth Cycle (2005-2007)

Tectonic Worlds March 31, 2008–May 21, 2008 Hashim Sarkis, curator Exhibition organized by the Aga Khan Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Humanities Center at Harvard University, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture Throughout…

exhibition dates: MAR 31 – MAY 21, 2008


Dirty Work: Transforming Landscape in the Non-Formal City of the Americas

01/28/2008–03/14/2008 John Beardsley, curator Christian Werthmann, curator The exhibition presented new terrain and tactics for landscape architecture.  It had two subjects. One was physical: low-income communities, variously called squatter settlements, shantytowns, or slums, which are a dominant feature of the developing world’s…

exhibition dates: JAN 28 – MAR 14, 2008