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Platform 5 Exhibition

March 25, 2013–May 17, 2013 Mariana Ibañez, Curator Developed as a working curation of the environment of the Graduate School of Design, the Platform 5 book and exhibition have been designed to present various lenses through which to view the School in the…

exhibition dates: MAR 25 – MAY 17, 2013


Bocconi Yard

A Network Campus for Milan | Harvard University – Graduate School of Design, 1st place February 2, 2013–May 17, 2013 Stefano Andreani, project leader Federico de Molfetta, project leader The importance of inner, urban voids is essential to the understanding of…

exhibition dates: FEB 2 – MAY 17, 2013


River City: Water Front Design For Civic Life

We are pleased to present the second exhibition in Van Alen’s series River City: Waterfront Design for Civic Life. Exploring the reinvention of a once-buried urban waterway, Deconstruction/Construction: The Cheonggyecheon River Project in Seoul examines this complex work of Korean infrastructure as a case study…

exhibition dates: APR 9 – APR 1, 2013


Christian Kerez: Contrast and Continuity

This exhibition features a range of projects by Christian Kerez (Architect, Zürich). From residential housing to corporate headquarters to a museum, set in Swiss suburbs and in Warsaw, São Paulo, and Zhengzhou, these projects are conceptually different. But they are made of common architectural elements,…

exhibition dates: JAN 21 – MAR 10, 2013


Transformable Design Methods

January 21, 2013–February 24, 2013 Chuck Hoberman, Curator Nathan King, Co-curator Architects have long imagined a built environment that is fundamentally dynamic. Portable buildings, retractable coverings, kinetic facades, and spaces that morph: these transformable structures have become part of the lexicon of architectural possibilities.

exhibition dates: JAN 21 – FEB 24, 2013


Visualizing Systems: The Reading and Representation of the Human Environment

Andrea Hansen, Exhibit Design November 19,2012–January 21,2013 Visualizing Systems: The Book and the Blog Visualizing Systems presents a selection of the most important visualizations and mappings of the human environment from 1800 – present.  The collection considers the three-dimensional world—and the spatial,…

exhibition dates: NOV 12, 2012 – JAN 21, 2013