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Protosurfaces: Mathematical Experiments in Spacial Design

For designers, mathematics presents both the promise of control and the challenge of constraint. The working models presented here are products of an ongoing seminar at the GSD that confronts this productive tension between the freedom of design and the logic of geometry. In particular,…

exhibition dates: FEB 12 – MAY 21, 2012

Andrew Witt, Curator


Platform 4 Exhibtion

March 19, 2012–May 17, 2012 Eric Howeler, Curator On March 11, 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan sent 40 foot high waves crashing into the coastal city of Miyako, overwhelming the tsunami barriers and damaging the Fukushima Nuclear…

exhibition dates: MAR 19 – MAY 17, 2012


Building Geometry: Mathematical Models and the History of Surface

The visualization of complex surface geometry common in contemporary architectural practice and pedagogy has a history prior to its appearance as a product of contemporary digital tools. The methods of geometric analysis developed in the nineteenth century by mathematicians such as Gaspard Monge (1746–1818) in…

exhibition dates: FEB 1 – MAR 12, 2012

Andrew Witt, Curator


Dispatches from the GSD: 075 Years of Design

August 22, 2011–December 22, 2011 Peter Christiansen, curator Anniversaries offer the opportunity to consider the past as an active interlocutor with the present and the future. For the GSD, this means foregrounding an array of agents—people, events, objects, and ideas—in a rich institutional history…

exhibition dates: AUG 22 – DEC 22, 2011


The Rebuild Foundation

Artists have the capacity to move conversations out of the realm of the theoretical and into the domain of the hyper-real. A space where gestural moments are both poetic and pragmatic. The projects that I am working on in Chicago, St. Louis and in other…

exhibition dates: APR 1 – MAY 31, 2011


The Divine Comedy

The Harvard Graduate School of Design and Harvard Art Museums collaborated on an unprecedented three-part exhibition that addressed the converging domains of contemporary art and design practice. Entitled The Divine Comedy, the exhibition was comprised of major installations by…

exhibition dates: MAR 21 – MAY 17, 2011


The FOLIO Series

Published by The Architectural Association, these works offer stimulating content and notable portfolio design. Image: Shin Takamatsu, The Killing Moon (Folio XII, 1988) Spring 2011 Library Special Collections Department…

exhibition dates: FEB 1 – MAY 15, 2011



An Architecture Without Precedents January 04, 2011–April 4, 2011 Iddo Ginat, curator Venice Biennale Exhibition Curators: Galia Bar Or, Yuval Yasky Original Design Concept: Dan Hasson Archival Conceptualization: Zvi Efrat, Yuval Yasky Archival Research: Adi Biran, Adi Levy-Trau, Iris Kashman, Nur Efrat Video Concept:…

exhibition dates: JAN 4 – APR 4, 2011