Account Duration and Validity Most access to GSD resources, tools and software is intended solely for active students enrolled in GSD courses, and is generally valid from the day of registration to the end of term or day of graduation; Most GSD student account privileges expire immediately upon graduation. HarvardKey credentials (below) may be valid beyond graduation, which may be in November, March, or May, but access to any tools or resources is strictly limited. See and this page for details.
HarvardKey HarvardKey is Harvard University’s primary user credential usually used in conjunction with Two-Step Verification ( ‘Duo’ ). Your HarvardKey may be assigned as soon as you are admitted to the GSD. To manage your HarvardKey and Two-Step Verification visit
Zoom Zoom is our platform for Video Communications. Click here for instructions to download Zoom and login with HarvardKey.
Canvas Canvas is our learning management system.  Each course site can be customized to meet the pedagogical needs of the course. To learn more about Canvas click here.
CAD and Design Applications
Software for Design Computing.  Each application has unique installation instructions involving network licenses and user registrations so please follow the steps carefully.  AutoCAD | Rhino | VRay | ArcGIS | Adobe CC | Install other software…
Software Licenses Access to some software applications may be via the web, managed directly by the vendor for “student accounts”, using your email address ending in “.edu”, which is valid for up to one year after your graduation. Other software may be controlled by software licensing management at the GSD, in which case you must be connected to the Harvard network, either directly or by VPN; such access expires the day of your graduation from the GSD. Refer to individual software licensing, above.
Network To access wifi, temporarily connect to the open network “Harvard University” and visit the web page From here you will be guided through a process to register your device for Harvard Secure wifi.

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a service that provides secure access to internal resources from remote locations.  Get installation instructions.

Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 is our email and collaboration platform. Your account includes access to the following:

Harvard created a portal for accessing Microsoft 365 at

Printing Visit our printing information portal for all things printing.
Classroom Technology
Support for Classroom Technology is provided by the Computer Resources Group and GSD Teaching Assistants (TAs).  To learn more about Classroom Technology click here.  If you are a TA, Register to receive important communications and information about resources and responsibilities related to your position.  (VPN required for remote access)

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