Recognizing that the design fields have a cultural obligation to address injustice and discrimination, the Racial Equity and Anti-Racism Fund exists to raise awareness of how race, racism, and racial injustice affect society (with a focus on the design fields) and promote a culture of anti-racism at the GSD. The fund supports strategies that work at the individual, departmental, and/or institutional level.


Any current GSD faculty, researcher, staff or student. Preference will be given to proposals that: (1) strengthen the effectiveness of a GSD course, event, program or policy service, policy, or procedure that promotes a culture of anti-racism; or (2) enable the GSD to more effectively commit to the recruitment and retention of people of color within its community.

Application Process and Deadlines

  • Proposals can be submitted once classes begin
  • Proposals should be submitted through Qualtrics and include adherence to the fund’s criteria, as listed below (preview of the application can be found here)
  • Proposals will be reviewed by a committee, comprised of various GSD stakeholders before funding is awarded
  • Grant amounts will be awarded based on multiple variables: the request, mission alignment, scope of reach, impact of the proposal, and other requests being considered for that round of funding
  • Two submission deadlines each academic year:
    • Fall Deadline: Monday, Oct 18 | Notification: Monday, Nov 1
    • Spring Deadline: Tuesday, Feb 22 | Notification: Tuesday, March 8


    1. How will the proposal increase the awareness of race, racism, and/or, racial injustice impact on society (and the design field)?
    2. How will the proposal contribute to a culture of anti-racism at the GSD?
    3. Demonstrate a clear plan of implementation that includes a detailed timeline, intended outcomes and itemized budget
    4. Identify the level of the funding request (e.g. individual, departmental, and/or institutional)
    5. Events must be widely publicized and open to the entire GSD community
    6. Funded initiatives must conclude within six months of being granted
    7. The Racial Equity and Anti-Racism Fund will not allocate funding toward any of the following costs:
      • Alcohol
      • Costs associated with items sold as fundraisers
      • Travel outside the United States
      • Groceries, catering, or other food expenses
      • Payment for student organizers or for faculty time
      • Any cost believed to be inconsistent with the mission of the Racial Equity and Anti-Racism Fund

    Examples of requests that Fund would support include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Promoting student access to academic and professional growth opportunities through sponsorship to conferences (e.g. NOMA)
    2. Increasing the inclusion of BIPOC guest speakers in a course or for a community talk by supporting the speaker’s travel, accommodation, and/or honorarium
    3. Advancing the cultivation of a diverse student body by assisting with the cost of faculty and/or student travel and accommodations for recruitment talks to minority serving institutions (i.e. Historically Black Colleges and Universities)