Hello! This page provides an overview of the audiovisual services available for supporting events at the GSD. If you are in the process of planning an event, please first refer to the workflows and guidance outlined in the pages below.

Event Planning for Students

Event Planning for Faculty and Staff

Scope of Support

AV support services are provided by GSD Media Services for all events that are planned by the GSD Communications Department as part of the Public Program Series. Other events may be eligible for AV support services but are subject to staff availability and other logistical considerations. Events that require onsite technical staff will require cost recovery for staff labor and the provision of equipment. There will be a minimum charge of $100 per hour for any event that requires onsite technical staff. Rates are doubled on weekends and for weekday events after 5 hours. This includes time for set-up and break-down. There may be additional costs if additional staff or vendors are required to support your event. Currently we are only able to provide support for up 2 non-Public Programs events per work week at a standard rate or up to 4 events at a doubled rate.

Every event has different technical requirements and different considerations based on a wide variety of details. Please contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution possible. Please note: staff availability after 5pm and on weekends will be limited.

We strongly encourage event organizers to plan far ahead for hybrid events with both local and remote participants. Events of this category are SIGNIFICANTLY more complex and require  careful management from everyone involved in organizing the event.

For all inquires contact:

Matt Smith, Assistant Director, Multimedia Production

[email protected]

Available Services

GSD Media Services may provide the following AV support services for in-person events:

  • Presentation Media Management (PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, video files, etc)
  • Live Sound Mixing and Sound Reinforcement
    • Piper Auditorium: Podium microphone, up to 10 wireless handheld microphones, up to 5 over-ear wireless microphones
    • Stubbins (Gund 112): Podium microphone, up to 6 wireless handheld microphones, up to 2 wireless lavaliere microphones
    • All other spaces in Gund: Up to 4 wireless handheld microphones, or 2 wireless handheld microphones and 2 wireless lavaliere microphone
  • Lighting control (where available)
  • Recording and live streaming
    • Up to 3 cameras
    • Image compositing (Picture in picture for slideshow media)
    • Live streaming to various popular platforms (Note: Event organizers will be responsible for managing any digital audience engagement tools)

Self-Service Options

Most audiovisual environments at the GSD are designed to be used in a self-service capacity. Instructions for use of the appropriate technology are posted in each room. In certain cases, recording and streaming equipment may be available for lending. If you would like to arrange a tutorial for any given environment or piece of equipment, please contact us in advance of your event.