Hashim Sarkis on getting to a better Beirut

Hashim Sarkis (Aga Khan professor of landscape architecture and urbanism in Muslim societies) hopes Beirut can learn from the experience of other cities in mediating between modernization and historic preservation for the city’s decision about constructing the Fouad Boutros Bridge in Ashrafieh. Engaging community and innovative problem solving are essential, he comments in the Daily Star. Read “Ashrafieh opposes a bridge too far.”

Mar 7, 2014


Career Center and HUPO Host Career Events

On February 28, GSD Career Services hosted the second annual Planning Careers Expo, where representatives from public, private, and nonprofit agencies—including GSD alums–met with students interested in jobs and summer internships in the planning fields.

Mar 5, 2014


Building Resilience: Can design make a difference?

This year’s Lincoln/Loeb Fellow Helen Lochhead has been following the progress of the Rebuild by Design teams and finds much to inspire hope for a more climate-resilient urban landscape. Read her reflections in the LOEBlog.

Feb 26, 2014


Rapid response: GSD teams Tohoku Recovery competition win

A team of GSD students, led by Kristen Hunter (DDes) and advised by Jerold Kayden (professor of urban planning and design), traveled to Japan this month to collect an award, meet with officials and tour the Tohoku region devastated by compound disasters in 2011. 

Feb 25, 2014


DCs Futurist-in-Chief Goes National

Harriet Tregoning (LF ’04) has left her post as DC planning director to become director of HUD’s Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities. See more at the LOEBlog.

Feb 25, 2014


APA Presidents discuss the future of planning

William Anderson (MCRP ’83) and Mitch Silver, current and former presidents of the American Planning Association, took part in a public discussion on 2/6 called “The Future of Planning: Perspectives of APA Presidents.”

Feb 20, 2014


Redesigning the Urban Landscape Means Thinking Smaller

The Gateway Cities initiative takes a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to solving challenges in the urban environment. Learn more about the program and how students across the University work together to tackle redevelopment projects.

Feb 12, 2014

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