CoDesign at the GSD

“CoDesign at the GSD” showcases engaged-design pedagogy and methodologies to improve Boston public realms in partnership with local…

exhibition dates: JAN 14 – MAR 1, 2020

Lily Song, Curator


Style Worry or #FOMO

Reyner Banham once described the proliferation of styles after a waning epoch as “style worry,” an anxiety where the architect must decide how to go about choosing one style out of many. Today this anxiety has shifted to a worry better characterized as fear of missing…

exhibition dates: OCT 28 – DEC 20, 2019

Max Kuo, Curator


From Fallow

Vacant lots have long vexed cities—especially the architects, landscape architects, urban designers, and planners working in them. In the past few decades hundreds of design ideas for abandoned property have emerged. Some remain purely speculative, while others have been tested and implemented. Meanwhile, neither the…

exhibition dates: AUG 26 – OCT 13, 2019

Jill Desimini, Curator


Thing Tank: 18 Design Fictions

The world of things is more than the body of everyday equipment that accompanies our lives: It is a laboratory where the intentions of makers and marketers collide with unstable scenarios of past, present, and future use. The Thing Tank explores this terrain of contact…

exhibition dates: MAY 29 – AUG 4, 2019

By Renee Tapp
Jeffrey Schnapp, Curator


Representation First (!!!), Then Architecture

Current tendencies in the discipline suggest a split between two opposing architectural projects: the easy project versus the difficult project. Primarily related to architecture’s form, this oversimplification of the divide might also be used to identify developments in representation: cheap and fast one-point perspectives with…

exhibition dates: APR 1 – MAY 17, 2019

Jennifer Bonner, Curator


enGENDERing Urban Equity: Inclusive Design Strategies in Argentina

Curated by Chelina Odbert How can participatory planning and design morph cities into places that genuinely work for all genders? The product of Chelina Odbert's Fall 2018 option studio “Gendering Urban Development,” this exhibition showcases the output of a collaborative and participatory planning and design process…

exhibition dates: JAN 28 – MAR 17, 2019

Chelina Odbert, Curator


Outside the Lines: Across Disciplines with Harvard’s Design Engineers

Harvard’s recently launched Master in Design Engineering program is a first-of-its-kind synthesis of future-oriented strategic design, cross-scalar imagination, and rigorous engineering. In this exhibit, we reveal some methods and products of this unique experiment in systemic solutions that cross fields and address issues ranging from food networks…

exhibition dates: NOV 1 – DEC 20, 2018

Andrew Witt, Curator


Names, Things, Cities: Divine Comedy

Nomi, Cose, Città. Divina Commedia.   The exhibition deconstructs the Divina Commedia in singular elements that are part of specific categories, and creates a visual archive of one of the most famous long narrative poems in the world. Every illustrated image refers to main characters as well as objects, atmospheric agents,…

exhibition dates: AUG 28 – OCT 14, 2018

Francesca Benedetto, Curator


ULSAN REMADE: Manufacturing the Modern Industrial City

The Spring 2017 option studio “ULSAN REMADE: Manufacturing the Modern Industrial City” worked with the presence of the ‘Fifth Industrial Revolution,’ a current systematic transformation combining accelerated and automated methods of manufacture and industrial production. This transformation features changes to local patterns of energy,…

exhibition dates: MAR 19 – MAY 11, 2018


Baroque Machinations (2012–2017)

Curated by Cameron Wu (MArch ’03), Associate Professor of Architecture Plans of three Baroque churches serve as subjects for close reading and formal analysis in this exhibition. Through drawing and animation, each investigation offers a wide range of architectural characteristics produced using a single ruleset…

exhibition dates: JAN 22 – MAR 11, 2018

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