Research Professor / Research Professor in Practice / Research Professor in Residence / Senior Research Lecturer / Professor Emerita or Emeritus / Professor in Practice Emerita or Emeritus / Professor in Residence Emerita or Emeritus Senior Lecturer Emerita or Emeritus (non-voting)


Individuals who have held appointments in the Faculty of Design as professor or professor in practice (tenured), or senior lecturer, professor in practice (non-tenured), or professor in residence for the immediately preceding five years and who retire from active status at age 60 or older are eligible, upon nomination by the dean and approval by the Provost, to receive emerita or emeritus status and be known as Professor Emerita, Professor Emeritus, Professor in Practice Emerita, Professor in Practice Emeritus, Senior Lecturer Emerita, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, or Professor in Residence Emerita or Professor in Residence Emeritus.
If nominated and approved for an emerita or emeritus appointment, an appointment with the title of Research Professor, Research Professor in Practice, Senior Research Lecturer, or Research Professor in Residence is available to such professors who, when they retire from active status, request this status instead of the emerita or emeritus status. The alternate Research title may be held for a maximum of five years after retirement from active status. In initially requesting the Research appointment and for each year thereafter, the faculty member shall write to the dean describing their planned research or creative design work for the coming year. In the absence of such a description, at the individual’s request, or at the end of the five-year period, the Research appointment shall lapse in favor of the emerita or emeritus appointment. Research Professors, Research Professors in Practice, Senior Research Lecturers, and Research Professors in Residence are eligible for principal investigator status and may receive salary from sponsored research project accounts. Subject to availability and consistent with the School’s needs, shared office space and access to resources may be provided in accordance with office space policies outlined in the GSD Faculty Policies Handbook.

Retired faculty are eligible to teach up to one course (or the equivalent, if participating in multiple courses) per year at the Graduate School of Design if so requested by their department chair and the dean, with compensation to be negotiated. Such teaching agreements shall be annual and renewable.