If you have an event or meeting that you want to occur multiple times through the semester, you can use the Recurrence function to set up recurring bookings.

The recurrence button in the Date & Time box on the New Booking page.

  1. From the New Booking page, choose the date and time of the first date of your event.
  2. Click Recurrence.

The recurrence window with a daily repetition setup.

  1. A modal window will appear. Choose how you want your bookings to repeat: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Random.
    • If you choose Daily, you can choose how many days should occur between bookings, or whether you only want the bookings to repeat on weekdays.
    • If you choose Weekly, you can choose how many weeks should occur between bookings and on which days you want your request to repeat.
    • If you choose Monthly, you can choose a specific pattern you want your bookings to repeat each month either by date (i.e. on the 25th every 2 months) or by day of the week (i.e. the first Sunday of every month).
    • If you choose Random, you can use a calendar to pick the individual dates on which you want your event to occur.
  2. In the next section, set how many times you want your event to repeat. You can do this in two ways:
    • Start/End Time: Choose a start date and end date using the calendar date picker. The number of occurrences will appear next to the End Date.
    • Number of Occurrences: Choose an exact number of times you want this booking to repeat.
  3. Confirm that the start time and end times for this recurring event are correct.
  4. Click Apply Recurrence.
  5. The rooms available during the times and dates specified will appear in list form. Click the green plus button to add a room to your event as usual.

If you need guidance on finishing your reservation, please see How to Use S.E.R.T.