The Energy and Environment concentration allows students to examine energy and material issues–broadly defined, from the molecular to the territorial–across disciplines and scales, taking full advantage of courses and initiatives throughout the GSD and Harvard University. It is closely linked to the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, providing ways to couple principles with applied research. The curriculum is diverse; options include, short workshops, half-semester module courses, regular seminars and lectures, semester-long thesis projects, and multi-year research projects.

Please visit the Energy and Environment website.

Area Heads

Eric Howeler, Associate Professor of Architecture
Holly Samuelson, Assistant Professor of Architecture

Affiliated Faculty

Martin Bechthold, Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology
Richard T. T. Forman, Professor Emeritus, Advanced Environmental Studies in the Field of Landscape Ecology
Jonathan Grinham, Lecturer in Architecture and Research Associate
Jerold Kayden, Frank Backus Williams Professor of Urban Planning and Design
Jesse Keenan, Lecturer in Architecture
Niall Kirkwood, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology
Abby Spinak, Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design

Research Affiliations

Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities



The Littleton Trials

by David Kennedy (MDes '16), Jacob Mans (MDes '16), and Benjamin Peek (MDes '16)—Recipient of the…


Kiel Moe, Faculty Advisor

Spring 2016