The Aga Khan Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design is part of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard and MIT, dedicated to the study of Islamic art and architecture, urbanism, landscape design and conservation.

The GSD program  is invested in the application of that knowledge to contemporary design issues.

Established in 2003, the Aga Khan Program at the GSD provides tuition and scholarships to doctoral and PhD students studying the impact of development in the shaping of landscapes, cities and regional territories in the Muslim world. The program’s research and activities focus a lens on the design of public spaces, environmental concerns and land use and territorial settlement patterns from World War II to the present.

Any full-time student already enrolled at Harvard or MIT can benefit from the course offerings and research undertakings of the Aga Khan Program at the GSD.

For more information, please contact:

Dana Shaikh Solaiman
Research Associate
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Final Review $2,000 Home
Marina Tabassum examines student work during final reviews for the fall 2017 studio, “$2,000 Home.”

Recent Events

Photo of Suad AmirySuad Amiry, “Reclaiming Space: Riwaq’s 50 Village Project in Rural Palestine”


Semi-urban dwellings published in a brochure by the Housing Service of the General Delegation of the French Government in Algeria

Samia Henni, “Designing for the ‘milieu féminin’: France’s Attempts to Keep Algerian Women Away from Islamic Customs”
Marina Tabassum Bait ur Rouf Mosque


Aga Khan Program Lecture: Marina Tabassum


Ganga Maki Textile Studio. Photo_Chiaki Maki


Bijoy Jain, “Lore”



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India Journal: Extreme Urbanism III

Urban Design and Planning Professor Rahul Mehrotra’s Extreme Urbanism III studio explores possible interventions at the intersection between critical conservation and urban planning and design for Agra, India, an exemplar of contemporary urban challenges. At this moment, Loeb Fellows, studio students and students in the MDes Critical Conservation Program are in Agra conducting a close study of the conditions and opportunities that can propel the city forward toward a more sustainable future for its citizens, its historical treasures and its environment.  Read more and see photos in the LOEBlog.

Feb 25, 2015


On tenth anniversary, Aga Khan symposium calls for dialogue between development and conservation

In the spirit of creating new forms of collaboration to address contemporary design issues, on March 7 the Aga Khan Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design celebrated its tenth anniversary by joining with academics and experts from MIT’s Aga Khan Program, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture to explore The Space Between Development and Conservation in the Muslim world. 

Mar 25, 2014


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GSD students:
Tamer Al Shayal
Jacobe Huet
Samaa El Imam
Ghazaal Jaafari
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