The Master in Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD) and Master in Landscape Architecture (MLAUD) program curriculum is taught by faculty from the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and also by a variety of visiting faculty who teach courses cross-listed at GSD.

Core faculty in the Urban Design program includes full-time professors and part-time professors in practice, who typically teach a required Urban Design class. Other faculty teaching courses in Urban Design include those in other programs and part-time lecturers and critics who contribute to classes of substantial interest to urban designers.

Core Urban Design Faculty

Other Faculty teaching courses in Urban Design

Daniel D’Oca
David Fixler
Ann Forsyth
Yun Fu
Pedro Gadanho
Toni L. Griffin
Ewa Harabasz
Jerold S. Kayden
Alex Krieger
Nora Ruth Libertun de Duren
Tim Love
Fuad Mallick
Michael Manfredi
Carlos Martín
Dana McKinney White
Cristiane Muniz
Richard Peiser
Julie Perlman
Antoine Picon
Malkit Shoshan
Belinda Tato
Hannah Teicher
Fernando Viegas
Alexander von Hoffman
Bing Wang
Alex Yuen