Tim Love

Lecturer in Real Estate

Tim Love is the founding principal of Utile and leads the firm’s urban design and planning practice. He is also a tenured Associate Professor at Northeastern University’s School of Architecture, where he teaches design studios and seminars that focus on the intersection of urban design, policy, and real estate development. Love’s expertise ranges from innovative zoning approaches; to a comprehensive understanding of market-driven building types; to site planning focused on the strategic layout of streets, blocks, and parcels; to the design of Complete Streets and the larger public realm.

Love’s clients include municipalities, state authorities and agencies, and national developers. He is especially adept at exploring alternative development scenarios in collaboration with engineers, landscape architects, and real estate finance experts. Design alternatives are shaped by financial goals, the regulatory context, environmental considerations, a social agenda informed by community input, and a place-specific design vision. Rather than simply balance these factors, Love seeks a visually compelling synthesis that can inspire elected officials, potential development partners, and the full range of stakeholders.

Love has an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Virginia and a Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he graduated with distinction and received the Henry Adams Medal. In addition to his academic position at Northeastern, Love has taught at the GSD, Yale, the University of Toronto, and RISD. He was also the President of the Boston Society of Architects in 2014 and currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board at the University of Virginia School of Architecture.