Planning @ 100

Highlighting some of the key people and activities associated with planning education at Harvard, this exhibition traces Harvard’s pivotal role in shaping planning education and practice. While the first course in city planning at Harvard was offered in 1909, it was in 1923 when the…

exhibition dates: OCT 27 – DEC 21, 2023

Ann Forsyth, Curator


The Book in the Age of …

Since the invention of the codex in antiquity, to the emergence of today’s global publishing industry, transformations of the book are entangled with evolutions of modernity. Following the argument of Marshall McLuhan, Gutenberg’s movable-type printing press yielded not only a Bible, but also created a…

exhibition dates: SEP 1 – OCT 15, 2023

Irma Boom, Phillip Denny and Remment Koolhaas, Curators


Research & Writing as Practice: Peter Rowe

Research & Writing as Practice: Peter Rowe, Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) This exhibition celebrates four decades of the academic oeuvre…

exhibition dates: MAR 27 – MAY 12, 2023

By Peter Rowe
Rahul Mehrotra, Curator


Robin Evans: Drawings for Thinking

Drawings played an important part in Robin Evans’s thinking about architectural history. For Evans, making drawings was a way to understand and unravel the relation between idea and form–between the concept of architecture and its implementation.  Even in his earlier career as…

exhibition dates: FEB 6 – MAR 12, 2023


End. Words from the Margins—New York City

In this exhibition, more than six hundred photographs, accompanied by maps and drawings, document a journey on foot along the natural edges of the five boroughs of New York City. Together, they create an original image of the most iconic and represented city in the…

exhibition dates: OCT 30 – DEC 20, 2019


A Hole in the Wall

Art historian Heinrich Wölfflin once characterized painterly architecture as a collection of “broad, vague masses.” This installation adopts a similar attitude towards form. Three eight-foot tall curved walls divide the Frances Loeb Library into smaller rooms. To design the masses, the project employs inpainting, a…

exhibition dates: AUG 30 – OCT 20, 2019

Michelle Chang, Curator


Multiple Miamis

The “Multiple Miamis” exhibition encompasses research and studio work undertaken by students studying landscape architecture, urban design, and architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Directed by Chris Reed and Sean Canty under the Future of the American Cities Initiative, the eponymous…

exhibition dates: APR 1 – MAY 17, 2019

Sean Canty and Chris Reed, Curators


How to Model a Mountain

Complementing main exhibition “Mountains and the Rise of Landscape,” Ed Eigen curates “How to Model a Mountain,” on display in Frances Loeb Library.

exhibition dates: JAN 28 – MAR 17, 2019

Edward Eigen, Curator