Multiple Miamis

The “Multiple Miamis” exhibition encompasses research and studio work undertaken by students studying landscape architecture, urban design, and architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Directed by Chris Reed and Sean Canty under the Future of the American Cities Initiative, the eponymous Fall 2018 option studio examined the Overtown neighborhood near downtown Miami, and looked to imagine new and diverse urban strategies that recognized a multiplicity of environmental, social, cultural, and economic starting points that redefine what an inclusive and civically-minded urbanism could be. The studio was divided into three phases: Multiplicity, in which students tackled site-wide context research; Mash-up, in which focused, design-based explorations were deployed to format diverse formal starting points; and finally Mutations, with final design projects that elaborated new futures and sites of intervention in Overtown, evolving from the work of the previous phases.

As a whole, the interdisciplinary studio tackled pressing contemporary urban challenges facing many American cities, including accessibility and mobility, housing and affordability, race and cultural identity, climate change and adaptation, and struggles for a more inclusive and diverse public realm.

Studio Instructors
Chris Reed, Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture
Sean Canty, Design Critic in Architecture

Seminar Instructor
Lily Song, Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design

Ting Liang (MLA/MAUD ’19)
Zishen Wen (MLA ’19)

Design Team
Dan F. Borelli
Director of Exhibitions

David W. Zimmerman-Stuart
Exhibitions Coordinator

Installation Team
Liz Asch, Raymond Coffey,
Jef Czekaj, Anita Kan, Christine
April, Sarah Lubin, Jesus Matheus,
and Joanna Vouriotis

Studio Students: Charles Smith,
Chengzhang Zhang, Chuanying
Zheng, Evan Shieh, Hiroki Kawashima,
Maoran Sun, Panharith Ean, Parawee
Wachirabuntoon, Qiaoqi Dai, Samuel
Adkisson, Ting Liang, and Zishen Wen

Seminar Students: Catherine McCandless,
Chandra Rouse, Daniel Padilla, Eduardo
Pelaez, Elena Clarke, Laura Lopez, Muniba
Ahmad, Malika Leiper, Naomi Woods, Sidra
Fatima, Stefano Trevisan and Syed Ali

Mohsen Mostafavi
Dean and Alexander and Victoria
Wiley Professor of Design

Patricia Roberts
Chief of Staff

Ken Stewart
Assistant Dean and Director
 Communications and Public

Ann Whiteside
Director of Frances Loeb
Library, Assistant Dean for
Information Services


Drawing for “Multiple Miamis” by Qiaoqi Dai and Chengzhang Zhang


Drawing for “Multiple Miamis” by Hiroki Kawashima and Samuel Adkisson


Drawing for “Multiple Miamis” by Ting Liang and Zishen Wen


Drawing for “Multiple Miamis” by Parawee Wachirabuntoon and Charles Smith


Drawing for “Multiple Miamis” by Evan Shieh and Panharith Ean


Drawing for “Multiple Miamis” by Maoran Sun and Chuanying Zheng