Two images showing views of a grey building six or seven stories tall on a waterfront with sailboats in the foreground.

by Yeonho Lee (MArch II 24)

This project draws inspiration from Denmark’s maritime heritage and proposes a new residential typology in Nordhavnen Marina Bay, Copenhagen, with two main challenges: integrating the coastal urban environment with residential designs and incorporating the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ into living spaces. Denmark, particularly Copenhagen, has a high proportion of single-person households, with about 70 percent. This demographic faces a housing shortage, creating a pressing need for innovative housing solutions. 

Copenhagen is highly vulnerable to global warming, especially flooding. The Nordhavnen area faces the risk of significant inundation with a projected 2-meter sea level rise over the next 50 years. To address this, the “House for Yachts” incorporates designs that hover above ground and adapt to tidal variations. Site selection criteria include proximity to yacht facilities, suitable geographical form for harbor creation, and minimal disruption to existing structures to reduce costs. 

This project includes two types of buildings: 30-unit tower-type buildings (Anchored Type) and 2-story skip-floor boathouses (Floating Type). The cantilevered design, inspired by the structural elements of the yacht mast and boom, adds a sense of vibrancy and speed to the yacht design. In addition, through co-ownership, residents who own shared yachts can access them directly via the communal ground floor spaces. Ultimately, these residential units aim to alleviate the housing shortage for single individuals while authentically reflecting Copenhagen’s coastal allure and the cultural essence embodied by ‘Hygge’ in Denmark.