The Ephemeral City: Productive Urbanism

Ting Liang (MLA I AP, MAUD, ’19) and  Zishen Wen (MLA I AP, ’19)

Our project re-choreographs the physical fabric of Overtown, allowing for expressions of multiple identities through a series of new typological strategies of “Ground” and “Figure.” The project sets up an urbanistic framework which embeds the possibilities for changing, providing numerous ephemeral moments, creating an urban setting that is constantly engaging in the process of scripting and re-scripting itself while always open to next phases. The choreography of the places responds to the multiplicity of social impulses and social needs both from the existing and potential new communities. While there is specific timeframe, there is also no timeframe. The scale of interventions is initially subtle, but gradually implies systematic moves with more ambitious and radical changes, which overall inspires a projective future of new urban living that energetically engaged with social and environmental dynamics.

Final Models