Finding a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant:

To advertise your TA or RA position to GSD students, please send a description and application instructions via email to Anne Creamer at [email protected]. If the TA position is for a course, please include the course number as well as a link to the course description.

After you speak with the student and agree on the terms and responsibilities, please send the student to the Academic Programs Business Office, Gund Hall 406, to complete hire paperwork.

Payment for the work completed by a TA comes out of the course budget.
Current rate for a TA is $20.50/hour.

  • All students must be paid an hourly rate, not a flat total dollar amount.
  • Students who are US citizens and have been awarded federal work-study as part of their financial aid package may use these funds for their TA positions, in which case a portion of the student’s salary will be paid by government funds. Your budget is charged 25% of a work-study student’s pay.
  • Hourly rates for the same type of job with the same level of experience must be paid at comparable rates across GSD, and a work-study student cannot be paid more than a non-work study student for the same type of job.

Paperwork: Please contact Pilar Raynor Jordan, Pilar Raynor Jordan to obtain required paperwork. For students with work-study, please be sure they have submitted their on-line work-study authorization request. If not submitted, we are required to charge 100% of a student’s pay to your budget until required paperwork is in.

Time Sheets: Students are required to submit approved time sheets by the end of the week the work was performed. It is required by Mass. law that individuals be paid within 6 days of the end of the pay period. Some students wait several weeks before submitting time sheets and would cause problems if audited and prevents us from keeping accurate records on your accounts and avoiding budget deficits.

Maximum Number of Work Hours Per Week: 20 hours/week in total, among all jobs combined at the University when classes are in session, 40 hours/week in total during breaks. Students should not be incurring overtime pay – all hours over 40 are charged at 1.5 times their hourly pay.