Film Theory, Visual Thinking (at AFVS)

How do moving images transform the way we think? Introduction to film theory aimed at interpreting the visual world, and developing skills to analyze films and media images. Survey of classical and contemporary film theory goes from turn-of-the-century scientific motion studies to the virtual movements of today. Considers theories of space, time, and motion, including Eisenstein's theory of montage and architecture. Treats visual technology and sensate space, the cultural history of the cinematic apparatus, the body and physical existence, affect and gender, and screen theory. Different theoretical positions guide us in understanding and reading films.

This course is offered jointly with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as AFVS181.

This course meets from 12PM to 1:30PM on Thursdays at the Carpenter Center Room B-04?

This course has an additional weekly film screening, Wednesday at 7:15 in the Carpenter Center Lecture Hall (B03).

Offered jointly with the Department of Art, FIlm, and Visual Studies as AFVS 181.