LIT: A Survey and Design Research Seminar of Architectural Lighting (Module F1)

Light defines what and how we see; our bodies are intimately tied to cycles of light and dark. Light is also a multi-billion dollar industry selling countless styles of electronic technologies designed for integration into buildings, landscapes, and urban spaces. This module surveys these many shades of light: its effects, metrics, technologies, and logics. We will review vision and color, perception psychology, design with daylight and LEDs, photometric visualization and analysis, media architecture, circadian rhythms, and the expansive industry of lighting products and nefarious characters. Open to anyone interested in light, students will choose to either experiment with a lighting design project, or research a topic their choice. Each session will be split between lecture or local field trip and workshop practicum. To pursue the design project, recommended prior or current enrollment in 6122 Environmental Systems (or similar course), and/or 2223 Immersive Environments. Assessment will be based on engagement in class, efforts, and work product.