Public Projection: Projection as a Tool for Expression and Communication in Public Space

The class will focus on the development of original projection projects that can inspire and facilitate artistic expression and cultural communication in public space. 

In their projects students may consider (but not be limited to) experimenting with two kinds of projections: 

1. Projections-installations that transform and assign new meaning to specific architectural and sculptural urban sites; 

2. Wearable, portable, or mobile projections that engage bodily performance in public places. 
Students will learn cultural, technical, and ergonomical aspects of such projects. 

The projects may require relevant cultural research and invite a creative use of software, hardware, and physical modeling. Students will be encouraged to experiment with video projectors and micro-projectors in connection with media devices, such as smart phones, speakers, monitors, sensors, and other input and output components, as well as the use of unconventional materials and sites as projection “screens.” 

The class meetings will include experimentations, development and realization of site-specific and performative projections in public space, presentations, and discussions on relevant artistic and media work, as well as visits to research groups and labs at Harvard, the MIT Media Lab, and in the Boston area.