Thesis project / Project Thesis

As the culminating effort for the Master of Architecture degree, a “Thesis” entails multiple expectations. It is a demonstration, not only of competency and expertise but of originality and relevance. It requires the ability to conceive and execute work that is both a specific project (delimited in scope, a specific set of deliverables) as well as the indication of a wider “Project”(possessing disciplinary value, contributing to the larger discourse). This class will address both valances of both “Thesis” and “Project.” In a series of seminars, students will study the theory and practice of the architectural thesis by examining its institutional history and disciplinary development to understand the conventions and possibilities of the format. In workshop sessions, as preparation for their own theses, students will produce definitive statements (“what is the topic?”), relevant research (“what is the position?”), and studies of implementation (“what is the method?”). With these efforts, students will be equipped to undertake a thesis project in every sense.