GRASSROOTS: A Projection for International Womxn’s Week 2021

Centered on the page reads “IWW 2021” in white, capitalized letters. Underneath, in large, capitalized letters three times as large, it reads, “GRASSROOTS” in white, with a red shadow of the letters reflected behind. This text sits on a black background.

Projected on the facade of Gund Hall, GRASSROOTS asks the viewer to consider their own passions, histories, relationships, and voice. The questions focus on conceptions of roots, rootedness, care, support, needs, and change, which are all essential to grassroots action and growth. The words will be shone throughout International Womxn’s Week, and serve as a framework for Womxn in Design’s program of events. This year, we are reflecting on the ways those in our fields can undertake grassroots work, through their academic, professional, or extracurricular initiatives to both advance scholarship and break down long perceived barriers between ‘academic work’ and organizing, protest and other grassroots actions. Join us March 8 – 12 for workshops, care sessions, lectures, and panel discussions that call on all of us to, as our keynote speaker Ananya Roy has said, “produce scholarship that accompanies movements”.


Brittany Giunchigliani, she/her, MLA I ‘21
Ciara Stein, she/her, MUP + MLA I ‘21
Shi Tang, she/her, MLA II ‘21
Taylor Smith, she/her, MARCH ‘24
Xiaoji Zhou, she/her, MLA II + MDES ADPD ‘22

IWW Lead Team:
Aggie Fielding (s/h), MARCH ‘23
Areti Kotsoni (s/h), MDES ULE ‘22
Berit Schurke (s/h), MLA I ‘22 
Chloe Soltis (s/h), MLA I ‘21
Ciara Stein (s/h), MLA I + MUP ‘21
Morgan Vought (s/h), MLA I ‘22
Taylor Smith (s/h), MARCH ‘24

IWW Graphics:
Shi Tang (s/h), MLA II ‘21 
Xiaoji Zhou (s/h), MLA II + MDES ADPD ‘22

WID Co-Chairs:
Brittany Giunchigliani (s/h), MLA I ‘21
Junainah Ahmed (s/h), MARCH ‘23
Shira Grosman (s/h), MLA I AP + MDES ULE ‘21

Generous Support From:
African American Student Union (AASU)
GSD Exhibitions
GSD Radio
Notes on Credibility

GSD Career Services 
GSD Communications Office
GSD Student Services

Thank you to all WID members, team leads, colleagues, friends, and family for making this week possible. 

For the full list of International Womxn’s Week activities, please visit the Womxn in Design website.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Druker Design Gallery, Experiments Wall, and other exhibition spaces in Gund Hall have been turned ‘inside out,’ with installations shown through a series of exterior projections on the building’s facade. Watch some short clips from this film’s screening below: