Light Hive

by Aziz Barbar (MDes ’16) & Akshay Goyal (MDes ’16) LIGHT HIVE is a continuous series of investigations that explore notions of form, space and shadows informed through experiments in computational design and materiality. These explorations employ light and surface as mediums in constant negotiation with…

exhibition dates: APR 22 – MAY 20, 2016


Temporary Accumulations: Last Suppers (An Investigative Dining Experience)

by Scott Valentine (MDes ADPD ’16) Using the intimate setting of a dinner party as a point of departure, Last Supper’s is an on-going investigation discussing capital punishment’s shortcomings in contemporary society.  An open reservation system was distributed throughout the institution and invited to RSVP…

exhibition dates: FEB 4 – MAR 6, 2015


Sensitive to Water, Sensitive to Change: On Building a Little Wooden Boat

A group show on design in and for water, exploring the sensitivity and responsiveness to shifting environmental conditions brought on by living in water. This exhibition puts in dialogue photography from student research on floating informal settlements in Thailand, an architecture student’s reflections on living…

exhibition dates: NOV 4 – DEC 15, 2013