Jha D Amazi

Instructor in Architecture

Jha D is a Principal and MASS Design Group, and the Director of the Public Memory and Memorials Lab. The PMML is an initiative that advances research, training, and built work around a central thesis: spatializing memory can heal us and inspire collective action for generations to come. Projects in the Lab’s portfolio include the Sugar Land 95 Cemetery Revitalization Project, Harris County Remembrance Project and several initiatives with the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund (National Trust for Historic Preservation). 

At MASS, Jha D has also contributed to the Gun Violence Memorial Project, Franklin Park Action Plan, and the Louise B. Miller Memorial and Freedom Garden at Gallaudet University. Previously, she worked as a Designer at Sasaki Associates. She received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Northeastern University and her Master of Architecture I from the University of Pennsylvania. Outside of architecture, Jha D is a spoken word artist and community organizer who has been performing and curating events for over 15 years.