Katharine Parsons

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Katharine C. Parsons is a Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the GSD. She holds a Ph.D. in Ecology from Rutgers University and has 30 years of experience in coastal waterbird research, management and policy in the U.S. northeast.  Since 2011, Kathy has directed Mass Audubon’s Coastal Waterbird Program which works with coastal communities throughout Massachusetts to protect rare birds and their habitats through research, management, and advocacy.  Her research interests include the reproductive and foraging ecology of long-legged wading birds, near-shore seabirds, and temperate zone shorebirds.  She has studied extensively the ecotoxicology of aquatic birds utilizing estuarine wetlands publishing research articles in Waterbirds, other ornithological publications, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Estuaries,  and Journal of Coastal Research.  Parsons edited and contributed to special publications of Waterbirds: “Managing Wetlands for Waterbirds: Integrated Approaches” and “Rice and Waterbirds: Science, Management, and Conservation.”   She is a member and past-chair of the Executive Council of Waterbird Conservation for the Americas.  She is a 30-year member, current Executive Council member, and past-president of the Waterbird Society which publishes the international journal Waterbirds.  She has served on numerous graduate student committees and teaches a seminar on coastal ecology at GSD:  Changing Natural and Built Coastal Environments.