Robin Winogrond

Design Critic in Landscape Architecture

Robin Winogrond, landscape architect and urban designer, is co-founder and from 2014-2020 partner of Studio Vulkan Landscape Architecture, Zurich, Switzerland. While continuing the collaboration with Studio Vulkan she is working independently and internationally on projects, juries, lecturing, teaching and publishing.

The design approach of Robin Winogrond reflects her interdisciplinary education in landscape architecture, urban design, architecture and art, and with it the intention to understand our built environment in various scales and from a variety of perspectives. In Switzerland as well as abroad she partakes regularly in professional juries, panels, lectures, publishing and teaching. Her design approach focuses, among other things, on the perception of atmospheres, complex identities and social spaces of the contemporary urban and peripheral landscape. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Urban Design, a Master of Landscape Architecture and was a visiting resident at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany.

Winogrond works on a wide variety of scales and themes, with a focus on built works as well as large scale open space and urban design schemes, and site-specific installations. The work seeks to understand and interpret the diverse demands, contradictions and countervailing expectations of the contemporary landscape, using this productive tension as a driver for developing innovative and experimental design strategies that interpret the conditions of the site and its users. Design is understood, among other things, as utilizing the moderation of these contradictions to formulate new design approaches and solutions, develop strategic and experimental design languages which make visible and interpret these conditions into clear, powerful experiences of place and space.