A spoon

MDes thesis review, Youngjin Song

by Youngjin Song (MDes ’17)

We confront. We observe. We choose. We manipulate. We bring. We open. We intake. We masticate. We assimilate.

When analyzed, the process of eating has a conventional structure to which we have become accustomed to and mindlessly repeat. This project is driven by investigating the essence of consumption – a quotidian ritual – and contemplating eating as agent of conversation. Focused on the dialogue happening between and among people who share a meal together and how the custom of a shared meal has been adopted as a tool for building bonds or negotiating between individuals and different parties, this project metonymically links the eating experience with the process of eating. By providing a spoon to reprogram the way people eat together, the process of eating is reframed as a process of object becoming subject.


Spoon by Youngjin Song

Spoon by Youngjin Song