Biscayne Barnacles

Plot aspirational

by Sonny Meng Qi Xu (MLA I AP & MArch II ’18)

The project proposes an urban design strategy for Miami in which the landforms, building forms and public spaces work together and perform systematically to create a more coastal resilient city. In response to rising sea-level and storm events, the formations of the ground and the building envelopes are shaped by an ecological understanding, social consciousness and by applying heliomorphism. Through analyzing the form, function and aggregation of the barnacle, I aim to mimic how the successful and abundant sea creature found in the tidal zone, holds and stores water. The clustering of the mounds create platforms for the buildings and public spaces for the people. The amalgamation of the building forms allow for the hybridization of typologies. The pools and courtyards collect and store rain and sea water in response to rising sea level and storm event. The project aims to build a more resilient and ecologically aware Miami shoreline, meanwhile, create a new cultural identity and urban realm for the city.