(e)motion library

Screenshot of blurred out figure from video

by Nashra Balagamwala (MDes ADPD ’21) and Mengfei Wang (MDes ADPD ’20)

People worldwide currently face mental health illnesses. While efforts have been made to alleviate these problems, they haven’t been entirely successful due to the stigma surrounding mental health. Seventy-five percent of Harvard students with anxiety or depression do not seek out counseling. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as the fear of being seen in waiting rooms, being thought of as incapable, and the lack of time.

(e)motion library is a platform that allows participants to playfully, artistically, and anonymously share their mental health concerns. Users can choose one of the many styles available on the platform, going from slightly anonymous, to completely obscure. Through built-in software, ‘(e)motion library’ changes participants’ voices and faces, allowing them to anonymously share their truths. Users are also given access to resources in their area, easily allowing them to book appointments with mental health professionals, or find support groups.

(e)motion library is a virtual mental world, aimed at alleviating feelings of isolation, and destigmatizing mental illnesses.