Le Circuit Périphérique

Axonometric of intervention

by Jorge Ituarte-Arreola (MAUD ’21), Alex Kozak (MDes REBE ’21), Melissa Ponce (MDes REBE ’21), and Isaac Tejeira (MAUD ’21)

The Paris Metropolitan region has experienced significant growth over the past decade. Major infrastructure projects like the Gran Paris Express will reshape Paris and its surroundings by increasing connectivity and mobility for people living outside the city center. This project located along the Périphérique in Bagnolet on the eastern inner-rim of Paris, serves as an opportunity to transform and better connect Paris to its suburbs, while at the same time revitalizing and celebrating the neighborhood’s unique character. This major office and retail master development project aims to revitalize and enliven the Bagnolet area and provide much-needed community amenities for the residents of Bagnolet. We hope the project will serve as a catalyst to attract new investment and development in the area, transforming the surrounding neighborhoods and benefitting the residents of the community.

Animation showing various site interventions

The project seeks to welcome the residents of Bagnolet and provide health, wellness, community amenities, and entrepreneurship opportunities not only for our office users, but all stakeholders in the surrounding community. The project offers more than 2,000 sqm of subsidized retail space for local business owners and subsidized space for the community to celebrate the vast cultural diversity of residents within Bagnolet. The project recognizes the critical need for public space in the community and provides a multitude of public courtyards, parks, and promenades throughout the master plan. With over 50 proposed activities for the public space, the project provides an alphabet of activities to enliven the neighborhood and creates a 24-hour destination for residents and visitors alike.