Nested Twist

by Zhixin Lin (MArch ’20), Yina Moore (MArch ’19)

Nested Twist is an exploration on parametrically adaptable interconnected stairs. The form is a homogeneous isosurface generated from 3 intertwining spiral curves, with two of them served as circulation spaces for cat-walk and the other one being the visual corridor. The three spirals converge at the starting point, interweave in the middle, and diverge at the top, where the shell is opened up for viewing decks.

A contrast between the pure sculptural shell and the kaleidoscopic interior is created through further nesting the spiraling treads inside the shell, flying over the voids at different intersections. By changing the parameters such as spacing, the number of turns and direction of twists of the spiral curves, a range of  “nested twist” stairs are created.