Peanut Farm Casino and Resort

Series of abstract models ranging from copper color to black.

By Jonathan Lee (March II ’20)

Greetings. Sit back, lay-down, stand up, kneel, curl into a ball, handstand, find a comfortable position. We will be here for awhile. Relax and concentrate. Determine a site, any site, but just be sure that it is significant to you because you’re gonna be stuck with it for the rest of your time here. Got one? Great choice. Now let yourself ingest everything and anything your site has to offer. Be obsessed with your site. Meticulously divulge its history, gaze upon its externalities from afar, let it materialize in your dreams, carry it in your pockets, twirl it in your hands and clutch its texture. Completely entranced, you enter a deep plunge unearthing in an endless pit. Although now thoroughly acquainted with the site, you find yourself lost. You seek to encapsulate its totality in a single satisfying caption but you find each distinct strand uncovered is affixed to an expansive boscage. You also find that your routine approaches are incapable of discerning its sum. Perfectly lost and perplexed, forget all beyond doubt and embrace perplexity. In this moment, to uncover the unknown requires unknown methods. Respire genuinely and stretch to the farthest point. As you begin to formulate your caption, you discover a familiar propelling entrapment. You find your progressions to diminish in unfamiliarity and your caption to intensify in assemblage. You are left with a series of things and inklings. What you have exposed is not that of certainty and the measurable or quantifiable. You have found in uncertainty something of much more value; an inner individual authentic perception.

Site: Dawson Brothers Farm (Hawkinsville, GA)

Program: Vanessa Selbst and Doyle Brunson Casino and Resort