Stress Terrain

by Anne Chen (MLA ’18), Yoeun Chung (MAUD ’19), Shuo Zhao (MAUD ’18)

Stress have large impact in people’s daily life and also how people experience the space. Our project is examining the stress as a parameter to discover the new terrain of the city. By categorizing the stress into two factors, high and low and reconnecting the points accordingly, new region of the stress is formed, which also largely relates to the distance the person traveled with each stress points. Overlap happens between the two newly formed regions, which is excluded to examine net high and low stress.

To volumize the stress region and to add more detail to the projection, another parameter was added which is the duration of people embedded within each point. Thinking a duration, or a time as a Z axis, each point of duration was assigned with different numbers depending on how long a person stayed in a one spot. Two terrains – low and high stress – is volumized and expressed three dimensionally, which then the information about 2 dimensional environments are projected onto the newly created surfaces.