Under One Roof

Under One Roof 1

by Stacy Passmore (MLA ’18)

In the fall of 2017, Hurricane Irma and Maria caused extensive destruction on Saint Thomas Island. Recovery has been slow and difficult given that 90% of all food, materials and goods are imported to the U.S. Virgin Islands. In this context, this project proposes to redesign the damaged Bordeaux Farmers Market to foster a more self-sufficient economy by amplifying what is already “growing” on the island, such as food, natural resources, and arts. The new design extends the existing farmers market roof over the steep hillside, connecting the market to farms, and expanding its function as a dynamic community center that unifies residents, provides shelter and support during hurricanes, and develops opportunities for creative production. New indoor and outdoor terraces and structures provide space for an expanded market, an amphitheater, orchards, gardens, workshops, storage, and the production of value added goods.