Iñaki Ábalos

Inaki Abalos (San Sebastian, 1956) is Architect by the Architecture School of Madrid, ETSAM (1978), PHD (1991), Director of the Laboratorio de Tecnicas y Paisajes Contemporaneos (2002), and Chaired Professor and Director of the Master in environmental and landscape studies in the Architecture School of Madrid.

He has been Visiting Professor in Columbia University (New York), Architectural Association (London), EPFL (Lausana), Princeton University (New Jersey) and Cornell University (Ithaca). At the moment, he is Jean Labatute Professor and Kenzo Tange Professor in Harvard University. 

From 1984 to 2007 he was founding partner together with Juan Herreros of Spanish firm Abalos & Herreros. Since 2007, he manages his own office, Abalos arquitectos, and collaborates with Renata Sentkiewicz (Abalos + Sentkiewicz arquitectos). 

His professional work has been reviewed in the monographs "Abalos & Herreros" (GG, 1992), "Areas of Impunity" (Actar, 1997), "Recycling Madrid" (Actar, 2000), 2G No. 22 (GG, 2003) "Grand Tour" (CAAM 2005) and "Architecture Documents" No 63 (COAAlmeria 2007).

GG is currently preparing a volume on the complete works of Abalos & Herreros, 1984-2007.

Abalos is author of "La Buena Vida" (GG, 2000), ("The Good Life", GG, 2001, translation to the English, "Boa Life", GG, 2002, translation to the Portuguese), "Campos de Batalla" (COAC publications, 2005), "Cuatro Observatorios de la Energia" (COA, 2007) and "Atlas Pintoresco" (volume I, GG, 2005 and volume II, GG, 2008).

He is author together with Juan Herreros of "Le Corbusier. Skyscrapers," "Tower and Office" (The MIT Press; 2003), and "Natural-Artificial" (Exit. LMI).

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