James Lord

Design Critic in Landscape Architecture

James A Lord founded Surfacedesign in 2001. His 27 years of experience and design vision lead the firm’s diverse portfolio of award-winning landscapes. Through leadership and innovative design, James has established Surfacedesign’s international reputation in urban design and sustainable landscape architecture in such notable projects as Western Reclamation–Wynyard Quarter Waterfront Masterplan NZ, Long Bay Regional Development NZ, Auckland International Airport NZ, Highbrook Business Park NZ and 2000 Sydney Olympic Games AUS, as well as the AIA-award winning Smithsonian Masterplan, Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Plaza and ASLA award-winning IBM Plaza in Honolulu. James’ ideals— balancing culture, ecology and design vision with fiscal realities to ultimately create poetic spaces and experiences— resonate through the office no matter how big or small the project.