Jeffry Burchard

Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture

Jeffry Burchard is an Architect.

Jeffry is a Principal at Machado Silvetti in Boston where he designs and leads domestic and international architecture, urban design and master-planning projects. He has recently completed the New York University Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life in Manhattan and a master-plan for the 21 million square foot Tun Razak Exchange in Kuala Lumpur. Currently, Jeffry is the Project Architect and Urban Designer for the new Vietnamese-German University in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. Jeffry is licensed in the USA and accredited by NCARB and is an active member of the AIA and the BSA.

At the GSD Jeffry offers instruction in Core Architecture Studios, advises thesis students and participates in various committees. He has previously taught Architecture studios at the Boston Architectural College and has recently reviewed student work at the Architectural Association, RISD, Columbia, Cornell, Pratt, Northeastern, UPenn and New York Institute of Technology.

Whether at the office or in the studio Jeffry's work is centered on the themes of continuity, nuance and formal precision in architecture. These three, in their explicitly antithetical relationships, are made to co-exist is the lineage of “both and”. Continuity is reading architecture as cyclically motivated and situating architecture as buildings not belonging to the limiting social constructs of appropriatetime. Nuance is the resolution of complexity while retaining singularity and uncertainty. Precision is the calibration of geometry and intention to effect.

Jeffry attended the GSD as a post-professional M.Arch II student, graduating with Distinction. Prior to this he received concurrent B.S. Arch and M.Arch degrees from the University of Idaho where he was awarded the AIA Henry Adams medal. As a student at Idaho he led the successful effort to convince the State Board of Education to re-establish the College of Art and Architecture.